New: Multimedia Live Broadcasting

Dear friends and readers!

We have drastically changed our live broadcasting program after moving it from a FM platform in China. At the suggestion of some friends, we have found a new way to do live broadcasting. Along the way of exploring this new way, we have learned to change the style of broadcasting as well. As a result, we have change our live program name to “Life and Living”. More interactions between the broadcaster and audiences are encouraged.

We have also drastically changed the schedules for our live program:

North America Mountain Time 5:00AM for Monday, Wednesday and Friday, which is 7:00PM of the same day for those who live in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Moreover, a new way of composing the live broadcasting from the mic, video cam, computer desktop capture, text, audios and previously recorded videos have been found. As a result, the same live event can be streamed to multiple locations.

To consolidate the handling of questions from audiences at various platforms, we have prepared this page:

Multimedia Live Broadcasting