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Do you know that numbers all around us have roots in deep? Yes they do, just like everything we see on daily basis carries a deeper meaning under the hood.

Everyone knows that we use ten numbers from 0 to 9 to construct all natural numbers from 1 to infinity. But not everyone knows that these natural numbers, no matter how large they are in value, also have ten numerical roots. Yes, it is a 10-10 matching situation!

In 2011, these ten numerical roots were found for the first time according to a simple principle called “Trinity Root Function” hidden in the so-called fish number 153 in the last chapter of John the Gospel. It turns out that 153 is both a number and a root that does not change according to the following:

153 => 1x1x1 + 5x5x5 + 3x3x3 = 153

It is interesting that all numbers that are divisible by 3 go to this single root. In other words, 153 is the numerical root of 1/3 of all natural numbers from 3 to infinity.

As a result, nine more numerical roots are found. Using this app, you can find the numerical root for any number you can think of, whether it is your birthday, house number or whatever number you like. The following is a full list of the ten numerical roots:

0: 0
1: 1
2: 371
3: 153
4: (133_55_250)
5: 407
6: (217_352_160)
7: 370
8: (1459_919)
9: (244_136)

Note the above numerical roots that contain two or three numbers in brackets are multiple-element circulating roots. We report these unprecedented findings in a book entitled “Numbers and Roots of Numbers in the Bible” and this free app is a handy tool that is made possible according to what is reported in this book.

Take the November 13, 2015 Paris terrorist attack for example, pay attention to the following numbers and roots of numbers that are related to this terrible event:

(1) 371 is the numerical root of 20151113, 11132015 or 13112015, the full date number of this event
(2) 371 is the numerical root of 2015, the year of this event
(3) 371 is also the numerical root of 11, the month of this event
(4) 371 is again the root of 2120 and 920 (the attack started at 21:20 or 9:20pm CET)
(5) Lastly, the month and date number, 1113 = 371 x 3

Note that other numerical roots are also related to this event. For example, the date of the attack, 13, and the number of people killed, 130, both share this (133_55_250) as its three-element circulating numerical root. By the way, 13 is the number of rebellion for Satan and his followers.

If the year of 2014 bears witness for the finding of numerical root 370 (the root of 2014 is 370) through the missing flight MH370/MAS370, then this year 2015 bears witness for the finding of numerical root 371.

Download the app and play with it. The app provides a short explanation of each numerical root you find. Enjoy, you will like it as much as we develop it.

We made video for this new app:

You can either search for “Numerical Root Calculator” on your Android phone’s Google Play Store to install it. Or you can download and install it using the following URL:

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