The Second Chinese Edition of Our 8th Book Is Ready Both in PDF and Kindle Formats

How to Read Bible at Endpoint 站在末日讀聖經:寫給初學者

This second Chinese edition of the book, How to Read the Bible at the End Point: For Beginners, is available in PDF for free download from this site (if you can read Chinese, you can either click the link here or fill out the download form on the right-hand side).

We have also made it available in Amazon Kindle store, where you can download with a very low price (Kindle does not allow us to give it out free on their platform).

Due to the fact that we want to focus on publishing the second editions for all books in the series, we will not handle the distribution of paper print books on our own online bookstore. The paperback of this book is available at Amazon and all other major bookstores with this ISBN info: ISBN-10: 1484163435 and ISBN-13: 978-1484163436.

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