The Second Chinese Edition of Our 1st Book Is Ready in PDF eBook, Paperback and Kindle Formats

We have just finished everything associated with the second Chinese edition of our first book in the “End Time Series”, Numbers and Roots of Numbers in the Bible.

Compared to the first edition that was published in 2011, significant changes are not too much but still worthy to be informed here. We list the followings as highlights of this second edition:

* Chapter 7 has been expanded to include the meanings of numbers 20 to 24.

* Chapter 8 has been updated tremendously to include a new concept, Family of Numbers, based on the discovery of the nine numerical roots reported in earlier chapters.

* Tables of numerical roots for numbers 1 to 100, 1301 to 1400, 1901 to 2000 and 2301 to 2400 have been added to the appendix section of this book.

The updated PDF ebook format of this book can be obtained from our online bookstore at:

This book’s paperback print form can be obtained from CreateSpace eStore: now and later on available all other major book channels over the world in a week or so.

We are also in the process of sending this book to Amazon Kindle. Once that is done, we will update you with the Kindle link here.

Update: The Amazon Kindle version of this book has been approved and is available here:

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