7 Cracking the I Ching Code with Bible: Does the Book of Changes Contain Future Messages?

Publisher’s Foreword

When the so-called End of the World date December 21, 2012 according to the Mayan Calendar passed peacefully, it gives some people quite a room for thinking and rethinking.

What does the End of the World mean indeed? Will a day like that come to us for the real? If the answer is NO, then why does the Bible say that it is for the real in black and white, that is the day when Jesus comes the second time? If the answer is YES, then why so many people “crying wolves” have found themselves to be wrong?

This demands us to face the music and seek the true answer.

This book is published to provide readers “another kind” of thinking for this issue so that we have a better and deeper understanding of “the Last Days” talked in the Bible, from the perspective of the ancient Chinese culture.

After we published Taichuan Tongs’ six-book “End Time Series” by the Christmas of the year 2011, we met a special reader who showed such a great interest in the six books that he started to share his feedback and inspired reflections and research for many issues on one of our websites at 1459919.NET using the pen name Lot Tertius.

Maybe our six books had renewed his understandings of the Bible and his wholistic view and vision of other things outside the Bible, he contacted us and expressed his need to reform his past understandings of “I Ching”, the one ancient Chinese writing that is considered to be the book of all other books among Chinese speaking people.

To our surprise, this reader of our six-book “End Time Series” finished the manuscript of this new book in only two months. The original manuscript was named “Use the Bible to Crack Open I Ching.” To be consistent with our six books, we talked to the author and he agreed to change the name to the current one: “Cracking the End Time Code in I Ching with the Bible: Does the Book of Change Contain Biblical Messages?”

After reading the manuscript of this book, we found that its perspective is unique and its flow of thoughts is sound. It shows that the author has a deep and wide understanding of the Bible and because of this he has a better and special understanding of the ancient Chinese book “I Ching” from a higher level than other views, past and present.

In a sense, this book confirms an important concept in our original six books: Because Christians establish a very personal relationship with God through the person of Jesus, they not only recognize all laws in God’s physical creation (the Nature), they also view God as a person who fellowship with them on daily basis. As for non-Christians, because they do not accept God as a person, they only see God as natural laws, governing all things.

Through the publishing of this book, we believe that you will find the laws and principles in the Bible are not in conflict with those hidden in I Ching, rather they agree to each other in many ways. Based on this objective comparison between the Bible and I Ching, we believe that all will see the open heart of the Father: He does not want even one to perish in this world but to be saved through the only mediator, Jesus, and to receive the better resurrection that is appointed for everyone.

TheoLogos Publications
January 1, 2013

Author’s Preface

Before becoming a Christian, I had read I Ching and even spent quite some time studying it and researching on it. After becoming a Christian, as the Bible clearly forbids people from things such as divination and telling fortunes, therefore, octagonal diagrams became forbidden for me and I have thrown away all books about I Ching – never thought I would touch this forbidden land again.

Recently I had the opportunity to read a whole series of six books written by Taichuan Tongs and published by TheoLogos Publications. These six books truly touched and inspired me. After we have stepped into the time of computer and information age, there are so many things out there forcing us to make some objective adjustments in order to keep up the steps, including our understandings of the ancient cultures, faith and religions. Only when we make calm and deep reflections based on an objective view of the daily social paradoxes and conflicts, can we clearly see the road we need to take before us.

After digesting messages in the six-book “End Time Series”, silently I feel a leading from the Holy Spirit for me to reveal the mysteries hidden in the ancient Chinese writing, I Ching or Book of Changes, from the perspective of the six books, especially that of the first book “Numbers and Roots of Numbers in the Bible”.

In the beginning, I was led but did not move because from the bottom of my heart I did not want to have any involvement with I Ching. However, such a leading became stronger and stronger and to a point I had to change my mind and take an action. I know, if such a work comes from the Holy Spirit, God would give me enough wisdom and the right materials to start the work and to finish it even in circumstances that are deemed impossible in the eyes of a human.

Indeed, within less than two months, I had a better understanding of the traditional interpretations of I Ching through the convenience of the internet, especially the new perspectives of I Ching. Next, the Holy Spirit pulls me completely out of these understandings and let me see them from the perspective of the Bible. In the end, I started to write before a completely new and wholistic structure was formed in my mind.

Thus, we have before us a book such as this one: “Cracking the End Time Code in I Ching with the Bible.” From the beginning to the end, you will perceive that I Ching is no longer a book of fortune-telling and divination and many mysteries that agree with those of the Bible have been revealed one by one. In particular, messages concerning Jesus’ second coming, the so-called the End of World, can be called the Book of Revelation in I Ching, just like the last book of the Bible. This revelation causes one to marvel the special insight and treasure that God hides inside the ancient Chinese culture.

If, after reading this book, you also feel inspired, then give the glory to God Himself. As for me, I am only a writing pen touched by God. If you have some different opinions for certain issues, let us learn to enter into the most favorable hexagram of all, the 15th diagram concerning Modesty, especially the “open modesty” — the attitude of being happy to know one’s mistakes — as we are all humans who made mistakes in the past, are now making mistakes and will be susceptible to mistakes in the future.

Lastly, I must mention that the “Roots of Numbers” belong to a fresh concept. If you want to know more about this new concept (you should, otherwise, you may not understand many things in this book), please read the book “Numbers and Roots of Numbers in the Bible.”

Table of Content

Chapter One: Some Background Information about I Ching
1. Traditional verdict on I Ching
2. I Ching was initially meant for fortune telling
3. 64 is a special number for our attention
4. I Ching becomes a hot topic with reasons

Chapter Two: Some Must-Know Information about I Ching
1. Beginning Knowledge of Diagrams in I Ching
2. Ying Yang or Yang Ying
3. The Biggest Difference between the Western and Eastern Cultures
4、DangWei/ZhengYing correspond to Dividing the Hoof/Chewing the Cud
5、Growth is different from imitation

Chapter Three: Eight Basic Trigrams with One Grand Diagram
1. Meanings of the eight basic trigrams
2. Characteristics of all six lines in I Ching
3. The entire book of I Ching is a grand diagram

Chapter Four: The Ultimate Goal Is to Cross the River
1. The one and only hexagram in I Ching
2. The goal of ZhongFu (inner truth) is to bring us to JiJi (after completion)
3. ZhengYing of all six lines does not mean you have crossed the river
4. Dual directions of the Qian and Kun hexagrams
5. Perfect DangWei must match with perfect ZhengYing

Chapter Five: How to Interpret the Grand Zhong Fu Diagram?
1、How should YuanHengLiZhen be interpreted?
2、After Sui (free will) comes Gu (confusion)
3. The hexagram of Lin (approach) is associated with the coming of Jesus
4. The hexagram of Guan (view) must go with that of Lin (approach)
5. The final test — the hexagrams of WuWang and DaChu
6. The last four hexagrams that are echoing each other in front and behind
7. The greatness and lowliness of Tai and Pi
8、What is so special about the Qian hexagram?
9、The Fu hexagram should not be viewed lightly
10. Normal human life ends in the first half of I Ching
11. The Xian and Heng hexagrams that are following the past and heralding the future
12. Heaven is for the family members and the lake of fire for Kui
13. The Xiao Guo (preponderance of the small) hexagram and the 4th grand line
14. The Ge hexagram — the lake of fire as its turning point
15. Reflecting on “Gui Mei” (the marrying maiden)
16. What is the Feng hexagram trying to tell us?
17. The whole life of a person is like a journey
18. Where is the benefit of the 5th grand line “Gong”?
19. The call of “Feng Ze Zhong Fu”
20. The grand ending of the human history
21. Summary

Chapter Six: What Are You Doing Here?
1. What are you doing?
2. Man started being good or evil?
3. The roots of numbers and the root of sin
4. The same words with different understandings
5. The “three nothing’s” and “two nothing’s” that call us to think deeper

Attachment: Interpretations of Lines in I Ching
The Concluding Word

End Note

This book was written by Lot Tertius, a reader of our original six-book “End Time Series” published by the end of 2011 after he had completely digested all those six books. Morever, Lot Tertius had also written two more books beside this one. Thus, the entire “End Time Series” has expanded from the original six books to now a total of nine books. The following is a list of all nine books:

  1. Taichuan Tongs: “Numbers and the Roots of Numbers in the Bible”
  2. Taichuan Tongs: “The Sword for the End Times (I): Dividing Truths in Daniel & Revelation”
  3. Taichuan Tongs: “The Sword for the End Times (II): Dividing Truths in Gospels & Other Bible Books”
  4. Taichuan Tongs: “Daily Manna (I): Rare Pearls in the Deep”
  5. Taichuan Tongs: “Daily Manna (II): New Oil in the Press”
  6. Taichuan Tongs: “Daily Manna (III): Nightly Dew in the Desert”
  7. Lot Tertius: “Cracking the I Ching Code with the Bible: Does the Book of Change Contain End Time Messages?”
  8. Lot Tertius: “How to Read the Bible at the End Point: For Beginners
  9. Lot Tertius: “Manna on the Sixth Day”

Book1 Numbers and Roots of Numbers in the Bible Book2 The Sword for the End Times (I): Dividing Truths in Daniel & Revelation Book3 The Sword for the End Times (II): Dividing Truths in Gospels & Other Bible Books Book4: Rare Pearls in the Deep Book5: New Oil in the Press Book6: Nightly Dew in the Desert Book7 racking the I Ching Code with the Bible Book8 How to Read the Bible at the End Time: For Beginners Book9: Manna on the Sixth Day

The two authors of this entire series penned all nine books based on the original meanings of the Hebrew and Greek words in the Bible. The author integrates the use of many modern biblical study tools such as Hebrew/Greek word dictionary, word roots and families, word concordance, English concordant vocabulary and grammar for the Old/New Testaments. By maintaining the tri-unity of the Bible – integrity, invariance and inerrancy of the Old and New Testaments in their original languages – throughout the six books, the author offers an objective, rational and comprehensive understanding of God’s Word, especially the part that is easily misunderstood by many.

The simplicity of God’s Law and the parallel relationship between God’s inspired Word, the Bible, and God’s Creation, the Nature, are clearly demonstrated in the numbers that are discussed in the first book, especially the nine roots of numbers that have been unprecedentedly discovered according to the “Trinity Root Function” hidden the Bible. From a completely different perspective and based on the tri-unity principle of Bible interpretations (literal, spiritual and numerical), this “End Time Series” has cracked open many Bible mysteries that have been perplexing students of the Bible for a long time. As a result, even I Ching, the Book of Change, which has long been considered the top ancient book of all other books by the Chinese, has its vale removed to show that its true content based on God’s natural revelation agrees with the Bible which is based on God’s special revelation.

Right now we are in the process of translating these nine books into English. We welcome anyone who has a burden to join us for this task. If you can help translate them into languages other than Chinese and English, it is even better. Our goal is simply this: let more people to have the opportunity to read these books. Please contact us if you can help.

If you are willing to have a deeper understanding of the truths in the Bible, please click here to go to our online bookstore to purchase the first six books (the last three are not for sale).

This book you are reading about is not for sale.

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