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Introduction to this booklet

For about two thousand years, the day of Christ’s second coming, the so-called the coming of the world’s end, has been like the “cry wolf” fable. So many people have felt deceived that two consequences are the result: (1) for those who do not believe in it, it has become a laughing matter around the dinner table; (2) for those who believe in it, they have decided to remain quiet for fear of mockery. As a consequence, “that day” has become a “forbidden day” for many believers who still have the burden to preach the Gospel to others.

Whether you believe in warnings or not, the result is that the true wolf will come – you should not mix the two. This booklet will try to tell you what the day of Jesus’ second coming means in an objective, understandable and simple way. With gentleness and respect the author responds to people’s confusion toward the last days and encourages each one to take into heart the Bible’s messages of salvation and judgment so that we do not waste the time we currently have.

Simply put, the last days do not point to a certain year. Rather, they refer to a certain period of time. The Bible clearly proclaims it, that is, the Great Tribulation which is made up of a series of “never before and never again” events that last for several years.

From the Bible’s absolute integrity, its numerical implications, combined with the right assessment of ongoing social realities, the author will show that this time period might start from the year 2016 and then Jesus will come back after the Tribulation years that follow have run their full course.

In particular, the year 2017 will likely be a year in which the whole world will be turned upside down. This does not mean that 2017 is the end of the world, rather, this year will play a critical role in the coming Tribulation years that are unprecedented in human history.

Even though we do not know when Jesus might come back (this truly agrees with “no one knows the day and hour” in the Bible), we at least know that once we enter the year 2016, there must be great testing and judgment awaiting everyone — this in itself is enough to catch our attention.

This booklet will lead you step by step through all the objective reasoning behind the above conclusion. Only after waking up, can you see the kind of dangerous situations and dreadful tests are awaiting us. We believe that after reading this book and in a short while, you will truly see that this is not a false alarm indeed.

The year 2016 is right in front of our eyes. Do you really not want to know what kind of things might be coming one by one as we step toward 2016, how long this Great Tribulation period will last and when it will end?

January 31, 2014


Table of Content

Chapter 1: Start from “The Cassandra Prophecy”
Chapter 2: Mysteries Hidden in Hebrew Letters
Chapter 3: Mysteries Hidden in Bible’s Numerical Prophecies
Chapter 4: Don’t Yet Know What Cannot Be Known
Chapter 5: Cassandra Who Is “Never Believed”
Chapter 6: What If This Last Period Is “Miscounted” Again?
Chapter 7: To End and Yet Not to the Finish Line
A: “Numbers & Roots of Numbers in the Bible” (Excerpts)
B (1): Table of Roots for Numbers 1 to 100
B (20): Table of Roots for Numbers 1901 to 2000
C: 2000-Digit Chiasmus Involving Triangle Numbers
Post Script and Other Books in the Series

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The English version is scheduled for release on October 31, 2014. The following is the back cover text for the paperback version of this book:

The topic of the world’s end is like a hot potato: you cannot simply drop it right away as you have to face it sooner or later; you cannot hold it in your hands all the time either — if you do, it is still you who gets hurt the most by becoming easily unsettled and alarmed by every “wolf cry” out there.

The good news is, you do not have to be torn between the two above options. This book’s objective content and step by step writing style make it possible that you can still eat the hot potato — see the truth concerning the world’s end — without getting your hands burned.

This book is not the “thus says the Lord” kind of book. Yet it still touches on most of the major prophecies concerning the end. For example, this book examines the meaning of those numbers that are associated with “a time, times and half a time”, 1260 days, 1290 days, 1335 days, 2300 evenings and mornings, etc. in the Bible. This book also explores the end time messages hidden in 22 Hebrew letters. By going deeper into one of the prophetic writings of the 16th-century Frenchman Nostradamus, this book shows that Nostradamus’ end time prophecy concerning the 7th month of the year 1999 is not a failure as most think. Other issues explored in this book include: whom does the number 666 in the Bible truly point to? What time period might the “last seven” of Daniel’s “Seventy Sevens” fall into? How should we properly interpret the last day of the Mayan calendar (December 21, 2012), a day that was preset in an ancient Chinese book called “I Ching” or “Book of Change”.

Unlike other books out there, many new concepts have been used in its content. Numbers, roots of numbers and family of numbers in the Bible are heavily utilized to explain the correlation between 2000 years and roots of numbers, and the inner relation between Pascal triangle numbers and the millennial kingdom. All this that you have not heard before is what you cannot ignore.

For those who have been buried by all kinds of “soft drinks” concerning the end, this book serves a cup of ice water that can truly quench your thirst and make you enjoy the freedom and elegance that it brings. We trust that once you have been satisfied by reading this book, you will be naturally become a channel for this book’s messages to flow into another thirsty heart.

End Note

This book written by Lot Tertius is taken out of the 9th book of our nine-book “End Time Series” and published as a single booklet. The following is a list of all nine books and their two authors:

  1. Taichuan Tongs: “Numbers and the Roots of Numbers in the Bible”
  2. Taichuan Tongs: “The Sword for the End Times (I): Dividing Truths in Daniel & Revelation”
  3. Taichuan Tongs: “The Sword for the End Times (II): Dividing Truths in Gospels & Other Bible Books”
  4. Taichuan Tongs: “Manna (I): Rare Pearls in the Deep”
  5. Taichuan Tongs: “Manna (II): New Oil in the Press”
  6. Taichuan Tongs: “Manna (III): Nightly Dew in the Desert”
  7. Lot Tertius: “Cracking the I Ching Code with the Bible: Does the Book of Change Contain End Time Messages?”
  8. Lot Tertius: “How to Read the Bible at the End Point: For Beginners
  9. Lot Tertius: “Manna on the Sixth Day: The Double Portion”

Book1 Numbers and Roots of Numbers in the Bible Book2 The Sword for the End Times (I): Dividing Truths in Daniel & Revelation Book3 The Sword for the End Times (II): Dividing Truths in Gospels & Other Bible Books Book4: Rare Pearls in the Deep Book5: New Oil in the Press Book6: Nightly Dew in the Desert Book7 racking the I Ching Code with the Bible Book8 How to Read the Bible at the End Time: For Beginners Book9: Manna on the Sixth Day

The two authors of this entire series penned all nine books based on the original meanings of the Hebrew and Greek words in the Bible. The author integrates the use of many modern biblical study tools such as Hebrew/Greek word dictionary, word roots and families, word concordance, English concordant vocabulary and grammar for the Old/New Testaments. By maintaining the tri-unity of the Bible – integrity, invariance and inerrancy of the Old and New Testaments in their original languages – throughout the six books, the author offers an objective, rational and comprehensive understanding of God’s Word, especially the part that is easily misunderstood by many.

The simplicity of God’s Law and the parallel relationship between God’s inspired Word, the Bible, and God’s Creation, the Nature, are clearly demonstrated in the numbers that are discussed in the first book, especially the nine roots of numbers that have been unprecedentedly discovered according to the “Trinity Root Function” hidden the Bible. From a completely different perspective and based on the tri-unity principle of Bible interpretations (literal, spiritual and numerical), this “End Time Series” has cracked open many Bible mysteries that have been perplexing students of the Bible for a long time. As a result, even I Ching, the Book of Change, which has long been considered the top ancient book of all other books by the Chinese, has its vale removed to show that its true content based on God’s natural revelation agrees with the Bible which is based on God’s special revelation.

Right now we are in the process of translating these nine books into English. We welcome anyone who has a burden to join us for this task. If you can help translate them into languages other than Chinese and English, it is even better. Our goal is simply this: let more people to have the opportunity to read these books. Please contact us if you can help.

If you are willing to have a deeper understanding of the truths in the Bible, please click here to go to our online bookstore to purchase this book (the last three are not for sale).

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